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What do our dreams mean? Do our dreams have hidden meanings? Can dream dictionaries help? With iDream we can help decode your dreams and help you answer the questions of your subconscious mind. We have thousands of dream meanings from Abandonment to Zebra. iDream comes complete with a password protected journal for you to save your dreams for future analysis.

• How much do we know about our dreams?
• Are they significant?
• Do they affect our waking lives?
• Can our dreams influence our moods?
• And, above all, what do they dreams mean?

This is where iDream can help you decode your dreams with our extensive dream dictionary. This helps you understand your dream moods and is quick, simple and FREE.

Features include:-

• Browse the dreams in an alphabetically ordered list or use the quick search function.
• Each meaning contains hyperlinks to other meanings making decoding your dreams even easier.
• A journal that automatically finds relevant terms and highlights them with dream meaning hyperlinks. Helping you quickly find the true meaning in seconds.
• Password protected journal for extra privacy.
• Universal app compatible with your Android Phone and Tablets.

The best Dream Dictionary and Interpreter on the iTunes store with over 1,600,000+ downloads finally arrives on the Play Store. Download iDream today - it's FREE and discover your dream meanings. Visit our companion website to learn even more about your dreams.

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