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In this surprisingly simple yet addictive game you will guide Meowy through an obstacle filled world in order to collect coins and see how far you can go. With coins you can buy items to customise Meowy and the ball of wool so that you can adventure in style.

Compete with your friends for high scores and achievements using Google Play Games services or boast on Facebook or Twitter about that last run!

-- How to play
It’s simple, tap to jump and tap again to double jump.

-- Aim of the game
Collect as many coins as you can – this will help you purchase new items for Meowy.
Go as far as you can – the further you go the harder it gets!

-- The World
The world is randomly generated every time you play which means you'll have a different experience every time. Not only that, but the world is also filled with randomly generated foliage and wildlife to make the world look good and feel alive.

-- Easy Mode
Having a tough time playing? Don’t worry, have a practice with easy mode. In easy mode a lot less obstacles appear, however you'll find less coins and won't gain any progress towards achievements.

-- Achievements
Meowy Kitten has 42 achievements for you to work your way through, some of them are tough, so you better get cracking.

-- Customisation
There are currently 42 unique items to customise Meowy with, change Meowy’s head, body and feet, you can even change the wool!

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