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Locate and Track my Phone, track your phone using GPS and Internet and helps you to find the location of your phone. This will help you to track your phone whenever its lost or forget and kept somewhere.

How the app works :

1) Install the Locate and Track my Phone app on your phone
2) Register with Name, Email, Phone # and PIN (Personal Identification Number)
3) Set the time interval for tracking. This will be the time when the app update the location of phone to its server. It can from 5 minutes to 24hrs.
4) You can list the track records in app as well as online via our website (Not available now).

How do we locate lost phone?

Once the app is installed it will track your location using gps and internet (wifi, 4G, 3G or GPRS) and load this date into our server. So once you lost your phone or forget it in some place, you can goto our website and login using your email and PIN. You can view the track records also well as view the location in google map.
You can also set your email in which you will receive the complete log of your phone tracking daily.

In future version :

We are working hard to add more and more features to this app. So in future you will be able to get your location as sms to another number

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