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Prepare to solve the mysterious crime from your past and struggle against the most powerful family of Leviathan!

The game takes place in the world of Leviathan, a cyberpunk meets dark fantasy kind of world. The player gets to know this brutal dystopian world where the nobility revels in luxury, pleasures and perversions, while the common folk suffers and dies from a terrible plague. The main character, a noble-born boy, gets adopted by the one who has killed his parents. The law is powerless as the murderer comes from one of the most influential families, that has taken over all the city...

- Episode one is FREE!
- The world of aristocracy full of money and power.
- Demons from the depths of outer worlds!
- Mysterious murder and secrets of the past!
- City streets, full of adventures.
- Stunning animated 2D graphics.

Episode I - The First Day of the Decade
Episode II - Clues from the past
Episode III - Being a killer
Episode IV - The Gift
Episode V - The Last Day of the Decade (TBD)

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