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As the human race expanded ever further into the edges of the known universe new colonies were formed on distant worlds beyond the reach of the imperial navy. These worlds have become isolated and vulnerable to attack, the constant threat of alien invaders hanging over the ever increasing populations.

You are responsible for defending these settlements commander, use your weapons to defend against the alien siege, detonate enemy missiles using your AM Rockets and destroy the alien warships using your plasma blaster.


1) Defend the four worlds of Eris, Helios, Boreas and Amun each with their own unique graphics and music

2) Three difficulty modes for players of all skills

3) Unlock upgrades to increase your chances against an ever increasing enemy attack.

4) Defend against missiles, alien warships and asteroids using your AM rockets and plasma blaster.

Do you have what it takes to defend the human race in this addictive action shooter???

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