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Lotteray helps you pick the best scratch-off lottery tickets available from your state lotto. Download Lotteray and starting winning more now!

Lotteray's advanced algorithm analyzes every scratcher game to find the tickets with the best odds and biggest top prizes. Lotteray then combines this data to create the Lotteray "Big Money" Score - the smartest way to play scratchers.

The truth is, not all scratch-off lotto tickets are created equal. Each scratcher game can have a different number of top prizes, different odds, and different grand prizes. In fact, even if all these were the same for two games, each game will still sell at different rates. This means that at any given time one of the games will have more winners and the the other will have more losers!

The goal of the Lotteray is simple - help people find the best tickets at the right time so that they can win more. It does this by using a proprietary algorithm that analyzes all the available information on every scratcher game. This algorithm looks at the following information on each game from each state lottery.

- Which scratcher games have the best odds?
- Which scratch-off tickets have the biggest grand prizes?
- How many top prizes are left for each game?
- How long has each game been around?

The output of the algorithm is the Lotteray "Big Money" Score. This score is a simple and intuitive way to select the overall best scratcher ticket from your state lotto. Games with higher scores are better and games with scores near 100 are the best! If interested in other game information, Lotteray also provides the odds and top prizes for each game.

Lotteray currently provides scratcher ticket information for the following states lotteries.

- Arizona Lottery
- California Lottery
- Colorado Lottery
- Connecticut Lottery
- Florida Lottery
- Indiana Lottery
- Kansas Lottery
- Louisiana Lottery
- Maryland Lottery
- Michigan Lottery
- Minnesota Lottery
- Missouri Lottery
- Nebraska Lottery
- New York Lottery
- North Carolina Lottery
- Ohio Lottery
- Oklahoma Lottery
- Pennsylvania Lottery
- South Carolina Lottery
- Texas Lottery
- Virginia Lottery
- Washington Lottery

Play Smart. Win More. Lotteray.

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