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***How it Works***

Use Lottery Tracker to easily keep track of your tickets!

Perfect for casual and hardcore players!

Register your numbers so other users know they're being played!

This will help reduce Jackpot splits!

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Lottery Tracker is a multifaceted database application that aides in reducing the frequency of jackpot splits. Utilize Lottery Tracker’s powerful features in order to register, review, and track Mega Millions Powerball lottery tickets:
Register your favorite lottery numbers for future national drawings
Review past information and results concerning the Mega Millions Powerball
Track the numbers of your chosen tickets with unlimited number lookups

Feeling indecisive? Then allow Lottery Tracker to do the work for you. Select the built-in ‘Get Lucky’ option and Lottery Tracker will randomly generate an unregistered lottery number for you to play in the national drawing once purchased at any official ticket vendor.

Register your chosen numbers in the Lottery Tracker database and increase your maximum potential by preventing other users from selecting them.

Feeling lucky? Then comment and share your dreams. What would you do with your winnings if you win the Mega Millions Powerball jackpot?

State lotteries coming soon to Lottery Tracker Premium version

Disclaimer: By utilizing the Lottery Tracker application tool, you are not at any time purchasing a winning lottery ticket. Lottery Tracker reduces the frequency and chance of a jackpot split, but it does not guarantee the selection of a winning number or that a jackpot split will not occur. Lottery Tracker cannot track or control the chosen numbers of individuals who do not utilize the application.

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