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Upon the discovery of a previously undiscovered habitable planet, your fleet sends a landing party to investigate while you are sent to search for resource asteroids. Along the way, your onboard sensors pick up several unknown signals coming towards you at high speed. You command your helper robot to initialize your particle cannon and shield systems as you approach the strange ships heading your way.

Put your skills to the ultimate test as you attempt to out-gun, outmaneuver, and outsmart countless hordes of enemy ships. Collect power-ups to boost your arsenal with cannons, missiles, and deadly mines. Fight to survive as each wave of enemies grows stronger and stronger.

Product Features:
There are total of 4 spaceships in this version waiting for your command. Complete levels to unlock new ships, you gain more powerful ship as you progress through levels.

Use the virtual joystick to control your spaceship.

Fire projectiles, missiles and more with simple virtual buttons.

Pick up power-ups during the battle, boost your arsenals to destroy your enemies.

Complete missions and discover different enhancements for your ship. Customize your ship with enhancements you find.

Replay any battle as you like and discover even more gear with your victories.

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