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The world is at war. Are you up for a challenge to take down the terrorists. Do you have what it takes to assassinate them with a single shot.
Be a sniper for hire in this global warfare game. Take advantage of the wars going on and using your skills as a former US army sniper make yourself rich. 
Shoot to kill the targets that might be hidden in the city buildings or be positioned on top of it. 
Use the map to locate the target and try to kill it with a headshot otherwise your enemies will know your position and target you.
Take over the battle field and kill as many enemy combat as you can and proceed to the next levels.
You are a one-man army taking on a group of terrorists. You must eliminate your target and protect yourself from their assault. Let’s save the children from the street crime and leave this war on US army because they have best force about this operation to shoot down the criminals.
Consider yourself to be a part of special forces, fighting on all frontiers, an army combatant showing the enemies your fury taking them down headshot after headshot with your assault rifle.
Your mission is simple, find your targets on the map and eliminate them. This is the best sniper fury shooting expensive game you ever play in play store. You do not need wifi to play in action shooting competition. Let’s select any angry commando warrior and be a gunman’s hero hunter and start your mission to finish the crime. Modern city army sniper elite commando is most addictive fps game shooting game.
Modern city Army Sniper 3D is free to play developed for you by LoudCorp Games. We will update the game regularly with new warfare missions.

Engage terrorists an gangsters in this nice gameplay with seamless graphics, reduce crimes by engaging in cross fire for a real experience, eliminating enemies in this free shooting game. Do sea hunts and launch commando mega counter attacks or play as a elite single soldier who hunts as a lone sniper. Sit still, counterattack offenders and get rewarded once you have hit or shot your target, avoid retreats and be the ultimate sniper gunner. Reply aggression with aggression and increase your kill strike well with force for success. Use the healers to cure if you are damaged. Play Sniper for free game to experience ghost killer game .
Enjoy this wonderful and quality modern challenging game with hundreds of positive game reviews!

Easy to control
Different location Maps
3D graphics with extra animations

How to play game:
Enemy can’t fire at you, until you kill them
Automatically Reloaded Guns
Touch the screen and aim your target

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1 year

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