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At last, an app to allow you to report all the problems you come across on a daily basis but don't know who to alert.

Whether its a pothole, litter, water leak or animal fouling, allow ReportAll to remove the burden of ringing the appropriate authority. Just log the incident with ReportAll and keep an eye on your app for an update.

You can choose to create an account via our web interface which will allow you to log in and check the incidents progress or you can choose to upload your incident anonymously.

If the incident is outside of the remit of the council/public body they can re-assign it to the correct one via our backend system for full traceability of your incident.


Some of the categories we cover are:

Local Council: Graffiti, Fly Tipping, Animal Fouling, Air Pollution, Litter Bins , Public Facilities

Roads: Damaged Road Sign, Potholes, Street Lighting, View Obstructed

Utilities: Water Leak, Flooding, Pollution, Electricity Outage

Transport: Broken Signal, Debris on Track, Damage to Bus, Damage to Platform

Emergency Services: Anti Social Behaviour, Accident, Ambulance, Fire, Coastguard, Crime

All Categories have "Other" sections to be used if you come across something not on the list just let us know.

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