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Important note: Please contact the developer to report issues, as doing so by posting reviews leaves little room to investigate and updates are posted far more often than reviews are edited. The current application rating reflects a version posted over 1 year ago, long before a complete rebuild was released.

Meet a new voice client. She is not a floating head or animated picture. She has 3 dimensions just like you or me. She can move around and respond to your commands. She likes to keep busy, so try not to disappoint her.

Beta testing now open:

Experience the thrill as your everyday tasks become part of a mission to change the world around you. Unlock achievements and track progress on the leaderboards as you gain practice balancing work and entertainment. You have $100770000 to spend completing your tasks. What will you spend it on?

An updated list of available features is provided through the website under "Commands" or by issuing the command "help" from within the application. Additional information and resources are available at

Does NOT store personal information or voice data remotely. If you do not wish to use the included theme, use either the menu button, swipe in from the far left, or issue the command "menu" to disable the "Anime Theme"

"Eden of the East" is copyright FUNimation. All multimedia used in this application, either directly or indirectly associated with "Eden of the East" and FUNimation, are public domain or have been acquired with permission.

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