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Learn German Words is a simple, intuitive and relevant application to help you learn the most important sayings and words you will need!

You can compete against Facebook friends on the leaderboard in some cool games and see who knows the most.

A user friendly and simple German language app with numerous learning tools such as a game, recording, playback, Wordbank, search words, Google Play leader boards, learnt words tally, hide words playback all covering 1000 words & 80 useful phrases broken down into 23 manageable subject areas allowing you to learn at your own pace. Learn German Words is suitable for all ages and abilities whether you are a beginner, wanting to brush up on your knowledge, test against your friends or use as a language guide when visiting a German speaking country.

How does it help?

With previous sales of 100,000 + units of our language audiobooks we felt there was an inherent need to convert our successful language range into an app where we could offer additional learning tools on top of just the audio.
Many people want to learn a language but many people also fall short at the main barriers and we appreciate that learning another language can be difficult, time consuming, costly and maintaining motivation is never an easy task. Appreciating this we have developed this app to utilise the vast amounts of time we spend waiting, commuting or other similar times which could be used up more productively. The audio book function remains core to the app so there is even the option of learning without using the screen if you so wish. Having the words grouped into subject areas keeps it simple and allows you to learn at your own pace or choosing which subject you would like to learn first then once you know the words it then helps to pick up the sentences.


-1000 most used words & 80 useful phrases split over 23 subject areas such as conversation, colours, places, Food & Drink, directions, transport and phrases etc.
-Native speaking voices, to hear the correct pronunciation.
-Search option, allowing you to search any word within the app.
-Play through all or choose a chapter.
-A timed game to aid learning, along with 3 different levels and Google Play leader boards.
-Choose to play the games from one particular chapter you have been learning or all for extra points.
-Compete with other Google Play users and get the highest score on the games leader board.
-Record your own voice then compare to perfect your pronunciations.
-A Wordbank to store any words/phrases you wish to use later or revisit.
-Tick off words/phrases from each chapter once learnt to track progress with a tally for each chapter.
-Option to hide words you have marked as leant and only play through the words you are yet to master.
-Within the chapters choose to start from the beginning, last played or a chosen word to save time scrolling through.

Have fun!

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