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1. A key change the United States: a key to your skin instantly flawless! Fool-style operation, seven beauty level, tailored to your beauty!
2. Outstanding effect: automatic microdermabrasion, whitening, noise reduction, face-lift, beautify the eyes, so you have a whitening skin, sharp v small face!
3. Face Recognition: Through the intelligent face recognition technology and speed beauty algorithm, skin and hair details of the perfect presentation.
4 makeup self-timer, ultra-docile makeup instant presentation. Honey, sexy, elegant and so on.
5. The world's leading "video self-timer" beauty technology, always capture the dynamic beauty, 360-degree perfect skin!
6. A key beauty: just click, you can change the United States, 7 kinds of beauty style, magic than cosmetics.
7. Dermabrasion Whitening: Let the skin white translucent, naturally fine pores.
8. Quban acne: easy to point out the trouble of acne, Quban without leaving marks.
9. face-lift thin: plan finger, natural repair capacity, optimize the face, strong repulsive double chin, pulling tight weight-loss, so that legs like a long leg,
10. cured dark circles: Stay up late to sleep, you can also with fine lines, panda eyes saygoodbye.
11. Beautify the eyes: let you have a second water Lingling big eyes.
12. Brisk: brighten the eye contour, let your eyes bright eyes shine.
13. Beauty effects: exclusive research and development of a variety of delicate portrait effects, instant penetration, fast has amazing face.
14. Filter content variety: mix and match, do the old, clouds and other textures, unique style fancy filters, brilliant gradient effect, exquisite geometric patterns and so on.

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