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Do you think it's time to changeyour system keypadfor a brand new“keyboard customizer”? Then you've found just the right app! Love Keyboard Themeis the perfectly designedkeypadfor typing messages and textingwhen you are in love! Kisses, hugs, couples holding handson your keypadwill inspire you to typeeven more 'I love you text messages'. If you've always wanted to “design your own keyboard”the best next thing you can do is download our selection of “keyboard designs”and pretty “keyboard styles”with lovemotives. Choose the “keyboard layout”you like the best. Let the feeling of loveoverwhelm you, running through your fingers and intotext messages! Download Love Keyboard Theme, a free keyboard changerand gotexttill you drop!

How to set your “keyboard skin”:

Click on 'Enable the Keyboard', then check the box-field next to “Love Keyboard Theme” and then click on the OK button
Return to the application, then select 'Set the Keyboard to Default'button and select 'Love Keyboard Theme'
Now, you can “customize your keyboard” (select language, themes, and shortcuts)

❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤

Are you very much in loveand you like to express your feelings via text messages? With this adorable selection of fancy key boardsevery coolkeyunder your fingers will sing 'I love you'! With beautiful images of loveunderneath your keypadyou'll feel like you have a gorgeous “love wallpaper” and a neat swiftkeyat the same time. Make your phonesweetand girlywith customizable keypad. All is full of lovewith art keypads. Choose one of the magnificent “color keyboards”and “keyboard designs”, set your “stylish keyboard”and textaway!

❤ Choose your favorite keypad!
❤ Several “love keyboard themes”!
❤ Custom made “keyboards for Android™”!
❤ Fully customizable!
❤Severallove pictures toenjoy your new emoji keyboard!
❤Lovely keypad theme and unique keypad design for a fancy swiftkey!
❤ This app does not require GoKeyboard™installed, text now!
❤ Choose a language: English, Spanish, German, Italian orFrench!

Does textingwith your boyfriend and friends make an important part of your daily routine? If your answer is yes, cute love theme customizer will upgrade your textingexperience. Send lovely text messages with style! Select a customizerthemefrom thecoolkey piclaband enjoy your brand newkey board. Customize your smartkeypadwith cute key board changerand feel the loveelectricityunder your finger tips as you typeyet another SMS.

❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤❤✰‿ ✰❤

Cute girly apps for Androidare excellent to customizeyour smartphone, and this coolkey changeris the perfect choice of a girly app. Enjoy our selection of apps for teenage girlsfor free. Customize your own phonewith mobile free themes, go getthis lovelyappand enjoy the experience. Be overwhelmed with lovewhile typingyet another SMS. Everything looks better in the colors of amour! Observe the explosion of feelingson your screenand surrender to the reign of romancewith your new keypad“theme changer”! Romantic themes and pictures of heartswill fill your heartwith joy. Free themesand changeable colors will make your phone look cute and sophisticated. Download cute themes for freeand enjoy. Get textingto the next level with elegant themes! Think about all the excitement while typing, even when autocorrectis on! Download Love Keyboard Themefor freeand enjoy texting!

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