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Tired of searching for a Bingo game without all the cartoon characters and paths to follow or locations to unlock that end up just getting in the way of letting you simply just play Bingo? Just want something that lets you get straight to winning prizes and having fun? Then download and try Basic Bingo 2 now! It's free after all!

In Basic Bingo 2 you'll find:

•  A fun and simple bingo experience with quality graphics.
•  Silly and entertaining prizes like a Pet Rock, Bear Slippers, and a "Grandma's Favorite" Beanie hat.
•  Multiple bingo card, dauber stamps, and game board designs to unlock, letting you change the look of the game to suite your own style.
•  Online mode where you can play against other players when you really want to test your bingo skills...or just show them off.
•  Classic bingo rules and win scenarios including, straight line, diagonal, and four corners.
•  Leaderboards to see how you compare to other bingo hall legends.
•  50+ Achievements with corresponding rewards.
•  Content updates with new Prizes, Boards, and Bingo Cards.

What you won't find:
•  Unnecessary UI and gameplay elements that clutter the screen and often just get in the way of playing and enjoying the game.
•  Mechanics and features like 'experience', 'worlds', 'boosters' or 'power-ups' that make playing a simple quick game of bingo feel more complex and confusing than it needs to be.
•  In-App Purchases designed to make you buy them to play or keep playing the game after a certain amount of time. (We do have cosmetic In-App Purchases available but you can obtain all content through playing the game as well.)

If this sounds like your kind of bingo game, then get your daubers ready and download Basic Bingo 2 right now! Good luck and happy stamping!

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