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This test combines 5 love tests that reveal your true love! (*)

Are you in love? Are your searching for a true love or a soul mate? A love that is based on trust, happiness and respect?

This is an advanced love calculator simulator (love meter)! It calculates the couples compatibility. You can check your compatibility by: finger scanner, photo match, name compatibility and date of birth (including a love horoscope). This innovative test also checks your feelings by measuring the beat of your heart.

The love tester has following love calculator features:

(1) Finger match

(2) Photo match

(3) Date of birth match (including love horoscope)

(4) Name match

(5) It measures feelings with your heartbeat

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After performing all these tests a total score will be calculated for you and your love! That is new among love tests and better than simple love calculator. It's a good game for Valentine’s day.

(1) Finger scanner – it scans the fingerprints of two people and calculates the strength of love better than any other love test.

(2) Photo scanner – it scans the photos of two people and calculates the love percentage for them

(3) Date of birth match – it analyzes the date of birth of you and your love and calculates the best score for your relationship in percentage value

(4) Name match – it compares your names and calculates your personal couple love match

(5) Heartbeat – this love test uses a scientific formula to measure the strength of your feelings while looking at the photo of the person you choose. It shows better results than love calculator because it measures your true feelings exactly.

Come on! Use this love tester and see how compatible you both are!
This is just a joke/prank app. Don’t take the results too seriously, they are simulated.

(*) The app is a prank so it does not really calculate anything (we are convinced it’s not possible) but just simulates it – its purpose is to make prank on friends

(1) Actually the finger is not scanned but scanning is simulated by holding finger on the panel.
(2) Scanning of photos is simulated, actually content of the photo is not evaluated
(3) Officially horoscope is not true science, decide yourself what to make out of results – we do not believe in horoscope
(4) The result is just simulated but we make sure that you get similar results for the same name pair
(5) We check if you really hold finger on camera, but heartbeat is simulated.

Should you have any problems using this app - before giving us a bad rating - please contact us at
We will be happy to help you.

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