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LoveForever always thinks of tools for love, and for the health of the most used organ in this regard, your heart. Check your blood pressure thanks to this simple tensiometer, which with your fingerprint scanner will quickly give you the values ​​you need to know for your health.


1. Before taking the tension, it is advisable to be calm and rest for 5 minutes, without having previously smoked or consumed coffee.
2. Press the power button to turn on the digital sphygmomanometer or gauge.
3. Place your finger on the fingerprint reader and wait for a few seconds until the scanning is completed. Your blood pressure will automatically be displayed on the screen.
4. Finally, repeat the measurement to confirm the values ​​found.


- SYS, systolic pressure. Maximum value of blood pressure when the heart contracts, that is, when it is in the systole phase. It is the pressure that makes the blood on the arteries to be driven by the heart.

- DIA, diastolic pressure. Value of blood pressure when the heart is at rest, that is, when it is in diastole phase. It is the pressure that blood makes on the arteries between two heartbeats.

- PULSE is the pulse rate. Times per minute the heart beats, heart rate.

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