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[Deprecated] Layers Manager

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Be aware: Layers Manager is deprecated and is going to be fully replaced by Substratum, our new theme engine app. If you are on Marshmallow or a newer android version please install Substratum. (https://play.google.com/apps/testing/projekt.substratum)

Layers Manager won´t get any more updates and/or support.

You need a rooted device

Works on:
* Android 5.X (only with compatible custom ROM, AOSP based and with all Layers Commits)
* Android 6.X (Stock ROM and compatible custom ROMs)

Does not work on:
* Cm based ROMs / ROMs with CM theme Engine

Completely revamped Layers Manager with complete Material UI.

An easy way to manage your favorite Layers. Select individual layer from the various layers packages available and mix n match or just install a complete layer package with a single click.

What is Layers?

Love to theme your phone? Don't want much hassle and your themes to use too much space? Layers is all you want.

Your Style Your Choice

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