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Raptor Hologram Sim is a brand new technological feature, that makes holograms in real life. You can see and touch virtual jurassic dinosaur, surpise your friends with it or even take a photo of them standing near Raptor from jurassic time!

Hologram Simulator – nice to see you in the land of tomorrow, Future is nearer than you think. New IT technologies come to the world. Now a film fantasy comes true! What you can do: download this app, launch the game. You will see the camera that will help to project the model IN REALITY! DON’T FORGET to print first the image, that you will use for projection of 3D model.

Virtual life gives you so many advantages, we are sure that you like gta-like games, because you like to live among graphic world. It won’t be a surprise if in the future you have your virtual clone done in kholat style. It will be the real clash of virtuality! By downloading this game you will craft your own FUTURE!

Raptor Hologram Sim features:

-Many different models you can find in our Hologram Apps: bikes, guns, cat, racing car, and even pretty girl
- Future in your smartphone
- Shock all your friends by new technology
- Realistic graphic Simulator

Raptor Hologram Sim – walk in step with future IT technologies!

Make sure that you opened the application.
Play with 3D models and do superb screenshots of them!

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