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Step back in time and you will get to the dinosaur reality, a planet full of these giant animals. Do you want to see these huge and strong beasts and their life? Carnivores will be walking all around you, as many years ago. What an exiting experience in this cool game Dinosaur Assassin!

Characteristics of the game Dinosaur Survival:

Life in the Jurassic era was very hard and cruel. 
Different species was fighting for a place in the sun. 
Raptor with tyrannosayr or diplodocus with proceratosaur or vise versa. 
Use your arms, equip powerful weapons and think about the strategy.
Don't be afraid, look at them through your phone, they will not hurt you. 
Journey to a dinosaur's battle world, chose who you want to be and try to win your fight. Be ruthless and tough enough to reach the final level and become the ultimate winner in this game.
There is one rule - hunt or you will be hunted! Dino park is a dangerous place, survive among your furious rivals.

Dinosaur Survival - master your skills in this hunting game on your mobile device.

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