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Time of the last fight for the future has come! Robots from all parts of Galaxy and Universe are fighting for the powerful artifact which can let to control of all. All villains of the Universe are hunting for artifact. If you can’t to disguise it, then you should to destroy it. But do it before the enemy.

Assemble your team of steel warriors!
It is time to start a war, which means to assemble your team. A really good team must have a strong defense as well as a powerful offense. And your league is the strongest defense.

Fight for humans!
You are the last hope of the humanity. There is no way to escape. You win this war or you will be destroyed.

Act with stealth and silence.
Prepare for the final battle. First of all you need to develop a strategy for defending Earth. Your mission as an guardian is to smash army of invaders and destroy the artifact.

Ultimate contest will be set as an duel of steel fighters. Stand against galactic threat and save the Earth from an assault of catastrophic proportions. Enjoy the adrenaline of the fight!

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