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GospelBuddy (formerly LoveRealm) is a simple free way to connect with fellow Christians globally. 

GospelBuddy is focused on positive content and provides an experience for Christians and the church to grow as well as experience God’s love. Life can sometimes be really stressful, however on GospelBuddy you will find a good social support to go through life’s stresses as well as make Godly friends to help you in your spiritual walk.

GospelBuddy provides the following benefits:

1.        Connect with Godly friends worldwide
2.        Find peer mentors and advisors who are ready to advise you on issues in your life. You can book video, chat or in-person appointments with them
3.        Post your questions and problems anonymously and get answers from several Christians around the world
4.        Stigma and judgement free platform focused on helping you through life
5.        Prayer Journal: Curate your prayer topics and list prayer requests of others in your journal. Prayer mode alarm reminds you and ensures that you pray. Send prayer requests to other Christians around the world
6.        Get daily devotions and inspirational messages
7.        Share bible verses with other Christians with our in app bible posting tool
8.        Chat with Christians and join several chat rooms
9.        Join your church on GospelBuddy and keep in touch with your pastor and church leaders; stay updated on church events, activities and messages.
10.        Support your church financially by paying tithe, offering, partnership, donations and pledges with LoveRealm. 
11.        For church leaders; Increase attendance of your church with our data/analytics and engagement tools such as SMS/omni messaging, live streaming of services, etc. 


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We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: 


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