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Welcome to the new and romantic GAME OF LOVE “LovesMe, LovesMeNot”..

.."Hey boy and girls, we all crush on that one special relation, but you are not 100% sure about your relation.. "
Well hopefully our Love Game, “LovesMe, LovesMeNot” will keep your hopes alive or wake you up and push you to move forward! Download and Play now the game of love

The flower Daisy is called “Margarita” in Spanish, and it’s very common in Lovers, to use petals to ask if.. “Loves you, or Loves Me Not” . Do you Wanna try your luck?

How to play "Loves ME ❤️ or Loves me Not💔?"

1) Select your genre (Male-Female)
2) Writer yours, and your Partner name
3) Rate “How much you love” and click Next
4) Select Between the 4 questions
5) When you see the final result, you can Share & Download image!
6) Enjoy!

Just touch each petal, and discover your luck!
Very easy to use, and with a lot of cool features!

- Touch each petal, or shake device
- Share the Resulting Love Image through Whatsapp
- You can also share it in your favourites Social Networks
- Download the Result of your question with your partner name
- Personalised Love Image for you and your partner

Please, rate us ★★★★★ if you like our game, and send us a love message!

Install our Free Love Game, and you will find the answer to this questions..
- Loves Me, Loves Me not?
- Is He / She the one?
- Do I have chances with him/her?
- Will our relationship last?

* Have you ever wondered if he/she is the perfect one for you?
* You are not sure about your relation, but still feel like there's a connection between the two of you, right?
* Wondering if your relationship status will change soon? Hoping for a ring?

Look no farther just ask the Flower about it!

Please, rate us if you like our game! ★★★★★

Thanks for play with us!

About our free Love Game:
This is a random generated results, please consider as a game, just for fun!
Please, rate us ★★★★★

About Ads:
This it´s a free and super-lite ads application. There are ads in this app. Application is free, it does not promote paid version of this app, the only way to support future development and content is to include ads. Please treat that with understanding.

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