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Road Vehicles helps your child learn while having fun. Little ones discover the names and unique sounds of each vehicle they slide along to the correct destination. Kids love ‘driving’ a police car, fire engine and more in this entertaining and educational application.

Your child is quietly playing and having a good time. Every now and again, he mimics the sounds that are coming from the game he’s playing; sometimes he’s making an engine noise or belting out a siren as he “drives” to the fire station. Your youngster is totally engrossed and enjoying himself. He has no idea that he’s learning.

The Road Vehicles app is an educational game that helps little boys and girls learn the names, sounds and typical homes of five different vehicles – police car, fire engine, ambulance, bus and taxi.

Kids can move the vehicles along the road to where each should go. The police car goes to the Police Station; the ambulance goes to the hospital and so on. As they travel, youngsters will hear the sounds each different vehicle makes, so they learn to identify them in the real world. Of course, along the way they have lots of fun sliding taxis and buses and other well known conveyances down the road with their fingers.

These are some of the features offered in Road Vehicles:
* Super simple, clean and kid friendly interface
* Kids just slide the vehicles with their fingers
* Upon movement, each vehicle issues the correct sound for its type
* Children learn which vehicle belongs with which building type

Playing with this app is a lot more fun and interactive for your child than flash cards will ever be. It uses audio and visual stimulation to teach, so your little one will understand the lessons in this application and remember them a little easier.

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