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Pool computer is Pool/Spa Water Chemistry Android application.
Dertermine for you the required water treatment to adjust your pool or spa water properly.

1/ Reporting the reading from your test kit

use the sliders to report your PH reading, your free chlorine (CL) reading, total Alckalinity, Stabilizer and water temperature

use the checkbox if your water has gone green or cloudy (need a superchlorination)

2/ Using the suggested adjustments

PH target: 7.4

PH ok between 7.2 and 7.6 (do not need adjustment)

if PH < 7.0 or PH 7.8 then no chlorine adjustment will be suggested since you need to adjust the pH first. The retest a few hours later.

Free chlorine target:

1.5 ppm (mg/liter) for usual pool sanitizatioon

10 ppm for a shock chlorination

Save the measured values toi a log file
Display this log on the application

The pro version is adfree !
The csv file of the pro version is compatible with Excel
(The csv file is encrypted in the free version)

Quick Stats

3 years

since last update