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A new game that you could play when you are bored and have your phone handy. Just bid for fun and win products.

Bored with conventional bidding? Looking for something unique? We’ve got just the thing for you. What’s more, the product that you bid for could be yours without any payment.

All you have to do is bid an amount greater than zero and at most mentioned product price. The amount has to be exact with two decimals and you can do this any number of times. That’s right; you can go on bidding till the end as long as you wait 5 seconds before your next bid. Once the bidding time ends, all the unique bids (exact with the decimals) are picked and the lowest among them is chosen as a winner.

But one winner? That’s a bit stingy don’t you think? So, we pick another winner, the one with the most number of bids. And, we have a bunch of surprises for our regular bidders as well. So, start bidding folks, and don’t stop till the end.

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