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LoYakk is a free app created to bring people together through an instant mobile community based on your location and shared experiences. Want to chat with someone at the same sporting event, concert or festival? How about connecting with someone in your town, apartment complex or school? You don’t need to join a group, become a fan, get invited or register to join the conversation!

LoYakk is absolutely free - simply download and start Yakking with those in the community around you.

- Participate in location based conversations all around you
- Access through your Smartphone and the web
- Connect through Facebook or Twitter in less than a minute
- Publish via your username or post anonymously
- Create your own public or private channel on any topic in seconds
- Post photos, share links and comments
- Receive instant notifications on relevant conversations
- Cross-post to Facebook and Twitter

LoYakk allows you to engage in the community around you rather than limit yourself to people you know. Speak your mind, find others near you who share your same interests, get help, become master of a local topic, and see photos from any community you belong to – join the conversation and have your community in the palm of your hand.

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