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About Terra

Show your bonus card with every order in our establishment and get points.
For the accumulated points, you can get nice gifts!
You can receive your first gift the next time you visit.

The Terra cafe chain is delicious food, cozy interior and friendly atmosphere!

Every visitor is important to us, and we welcome every guest warmly and sincerely. Cafe Terra is like a cozy home where guests are always welcome.

Terra Menu

In the Terra chain of restaurants, dishes are prepared only from fresh ingredients. For us, the quality of food and service is above all!

Terra patrons particularly praise pizzas, burgers, steaks and salads. The range of draft beer, cocktails and strong drinks will suit your taste.

While the quality level is high, the Terra cafe has reasonable prices.

We strive to ensure that in our establishments you will be pleasantly surprised by everything, from the atmosphere to the range of dishes and cost.

Terra Friends

We make sure that in Terra you feel like visiting good friends.

We love our guests and are always happy to receive wishes, reviews and suggestions. This makes Terra cafes even better.

We trust our guests, pre-ordering a table with ready meals is available for you (order in advance without prepayment, everything will be ready by the specified time). There is also a takeout order in the network.

Terra Comfort

The interior of Terra uses natural materials and pleasant, calm colors. We strive to create a cozy space for a pleasant pastime. And we hope that we succeed. For the comfort of guests, smoking is prohibited in the Terra chain establishments. However, in a cafe on the street. Melezha, 1 we have a separate smoking room! We offer all our guests free Wi-Fi.

Come and visit us more often. All the best for friends - Terra cafe chain

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