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LawPavilion Prime gives you analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of legal positions and authorities you or your opposing counsel rely on by generating a never before seen statistical analysis, historical data, precedential value ratings, conflicting judgments, locus classicus, statutory and literary authorities and opinion, judicial standpoints of presiding judges and so many other compendium of computer generated intelligent information on such authorities.

The modern concept of analytics adapted to Prime Legal Analytics is making hitherto unscientific professions like litigation a predictable if not exact science by generating intelligent actionable data, finding insightful patterns, identifying hidden strengths and weaknesses in your legal research and that of you adversary.

From traditional law books used to store legal information and the challenging question of finding the exact legal authorities or answers you need strenuously leafing through countless volumes of pages, to the development of the legal e-library that helps find the legal authorities or answers you seek with “LawPavilion ease” and the challenging question of not knowing whether the authorities you rely on is weak, upturned, outdated, or easily controvertible by an unidentified superior authority, the legal world is witnessing the most advanced and revolutionary invention/weapon designed successful litigation practice since the invention of legal books.

Prime legal analytics analysis and processes precedential weight or rating of researched authorities. unveiling conflicting authorities to your researched authorities, computes and lists supporting or correlating authorities, number of times the researched authority was accepted, distinguished or rejected by appellate courts and outlines the most adopted of a list of conflicting or supporting authorities amongst other computer generated research synopsis.

Prime legal analytics gives you more answers than the questions asked and that is because it is designed to leave no defeating question hanging in the arsenal of your adversary and because Prime legal analytic leaves no question hanging, we think you are unquestionable...legally.

At law the questions you ask determine the answers you get, and the answer you get determine your success in litigation. OLD SCHOOL/ ANALOGUE lawyers FIND ANSWERS leafing thought countless volumes books. DIGITAL LAWYERS use LawPavilion E-library to DISCOVER ANSWERS. SUCCESSFUL LAWYERS use Prime Legal analytics to DISCOVER CORRECT ANSWERS.

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