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Simple maths learning app for all. It helps in Kids Learning Money and Count the coins. This app is related to Maths money problems. Total 3 different types of maths problems and one maths puzzle games

1. Calculate Money ( Money Counting App )
2. Money Puzzles
3. Give change ( Count the Coins and Calculate notes value )
4. Math Puzzles

And maths games with 12 different level with combination of all 3 types of questions. This app is useful to teach Mathematics for class 1, class 2, class 4, class 5, class 6 and class 7 students. With fun children can learn daily usage of maths in our life.

Free math games for everyone with Maths Puzzles . Best math practice. Improve your mathematics.

Following Arithmetic operations covered:
Addition ( Plus )
Subtraction ( Minus )

This app is for:

1. Maths for class 1
2. Maths for class 2
3. Maths for class 3
4. Maths for class 4
5. Maths for class 5
6. Maths for class 6
7. Maths for class 7
8. Practical Maths
9. Money master game
10. Maths money puzzles
11. Simple maths for kids
12. Maths game
13. Maths games for teenagers
14. General Maths
15. Equation Solver

This app helps in developing Maths Tricks that can be used in daily life. User can set 3 different levels and set the difficulty of questions. For each question toddler can learn answer with help mode, so it shows maths puzzles with answers. It's used for kids learn money. There are Ganit questions used in daily life. Three different types of Maths puzzles -

1. Calculate Money : A board with coins and notes, user need to find total amount on the board.
2. Money Puzzles : You are going to market with your wallet with some amount and you purchase some items. Now user need to find out, how much amount will remain after all items purchased.
3. Give change : You are at bank cash counter and you need to give exact change to customers.

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Above three types of puzzles helps in developing maths skills and develop problem solving approach in children. Train, play and have fun! Mathematics - it's just! Let's go!

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