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SPECTA CASE application allows users to following functionalities:

1. Get detail of dealers available in different part of India.

2. View product catalog

3. Place your order (for login details please contact our support team)

SPECTA CASE offers its valued customers the assurance of not only attractive designs, superior styling and craftsmanship, but delivers the added bonus of having your name, logo or symbol etc. embossed on the case in gold, black, blue, silver hot foil stamping as well as two colour pad print.

1. The customer who demands is one who expects to make a fashion statement that will identify personal style and characteristics, whose tastes in Eye Glasses as well as sun glasses, whose wallet and key case etc.

2. PROCESSO PLAST'S : entire gamut of products range from the cool and jazzy to designs that echo pizazz and panache . From the great outdoor style to the conservative elegance of the aristocratic echelon. Four times a year PROCESSO PLAST introduces new designs, colours & shapes to present wide choices.

3. That is why when you think of a spectcle case the one brand that rushes to mind is SPECTA CASE.

4. This is because the only way to make a product that translates to being a sustained brand is attention to detail during the manufacturing process. A brand hits of with customers [so that it is recommended again and again] only when the manufacturers design and cater to the pulse of the various buyer segments .

5. The main feature is the inner lining of shock-absorbent foam that resist impact. The delicate spectacles nestle safely within the confines of a clean and cosy interior the SPECTA CASE.

6. We also introduce our economical series uder brand name Specta guard.

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