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Mental Math Game - Chidiya Udd

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Chidiya Udd is a exciting game. Fly your bird as far as you can. In the way you will get balloons having math facts. Avoid balloons with incorrect equation. Take balloons with correct equation and get bonus points.

The game will improve you mental calculation. Help you calculate fast. This game also help you improve your reaction time, thus improve your brain multitasking as proven by cognitive researches.

How it works?

Touch the screen to start the game.
Keep touching the screen to make bird fly up.
Release your touch and bird will start falling due to gravity.
Save bird from crashing the buildings, towers etc.
Also, save bird from the balloon containing incorrect equation.
Take balloon having correct equation to get bonus points.

Please mail at if you have any query or feedback. So that we can get it rectified.

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