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Parentaly is a free Math game support app for parents who are using Mathaly at home with their kids. With Parently, you can help your child excel in Math and also ensure that they are safe online.

Research shows that feedback and support is most useful when it is immediate. Parently tells you in real time when your kids are practicing, for how long, which topics they love and where they need more help from you. You will know when to congratulate them and when to help them review a specific skill that is hampering their progress. With Parentaly, you can become a true partner in your child's Math practice.

- Parently puts you in control and helps you keep your kids safe online
- You get real time updates for their practice, strong areas and weak spots
- You get specific feedback on their victories so that you can congratulate and motivate them to do even better
- You get detailed inputs on weak areas that have remained unnoticed e.g. child knows addition but falters while adding zero. So that you and the teacher can help the child better
- You can manage your subscription and preferences from your phone

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