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Note: This app is no longer under active development.

LinType: Intelligent Text Prediction for Android

Lintype is a highly customizable, performance-oriented keyboard. It features both QWERTY and DVORAK layouts as well as an optional number row. Five customizable gestures -- each with 13 actions to choose from -- allow for fast input and editing, and Voice Input is also available. Advanced text prediction and grammar allow for fast typing and reduce errors associated with missed keys and misspellings. Lintype also features an extensive set of symbols and alternate characters.
In addition, you can long press on a suggestion to quickly remove it from the dictionary; or, you can open up the Dictionary Editor and manage your dictionary from there.

Key Features:

Full multi-touch support
Swiping option for fast text input
English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian
Theme Chooser
Resizable keyboard
QWERTY and DVORAK layouts
Designated symbols, extended symbols, math, and logic keyboards
5 Quick Text shortcut slots
5 customizable gestures/actions
Enhanced Voice Input/Output for hands-free SMS sending
Dictionary Editor
Dynamically resizing key target areas for improved accuracy
Endless customization...

Available for Android 2.3.1 and up.

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