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From the beginning of plant identification, through GFinger(Green Fingers) not only know thousands of plants, also learn more about their care methods. The user from around the world to share their conservation of these plants growth diary, massive gardening articles, enthusiastic users answer your questions fast, as well as conservation reminders, together to make gardening become simple!
【Special feature】
*Plant identification
     Just take a photo, instantly identify the name of the plant, conservation methods, the global support of the flowers and related maintenance of the user;
  But also through the shape, use, price and breeding difficult to find the flower you want to find.
* Plant Growth Diary
Help you to record the process of plant growth bit by bit.
* Intelligent Tips
According to the weather and reminders to develop a set of the most suitable intelligent program for your flower.
* Make friends
Feeling your flower friends circle is particularly small? "Green Finger" will give you recommend the people around you and people raising the same plant as you, so you are no longer lonely on the road of raising flowers.His flowers grow well, you have much to talk about, then following him.
* Plants Q&A
When you meet some problem about flowers. There are a lot of friends will solve problems for you!
* Flower reminders
When do you want to water or fertilize? Tell the GFinger, if you forget, it will remind you
* Encyclopedia of plants
More than a thousand kinds of plant growth habits and conservation experience are here.
* Encyclopedia of meat
Continuously updated in the meaty encyclopedia, there is no information you can not find.
* Identify plants
Through the shape, use, price and the difficulty of raising to find flowers.
* Experience dry goods
If you are a master can be shared up to your conservation process, if you are a rookie ,you can learn to them.

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