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##Current Supported Language:
English, Korean, Chinese Simple, Chinese Traditional,
German,French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish

I started a ranked game. can I win?
-You can predict the result by Victory Strategy.

Enemy team picked LeBlanc. Which champion is strong against her?
-You can find counter champions by Victory Strategy.

I want to compare Lux and Nidalee at level 10. How can I do?
-You can compare two champions by Victory Strategy.

Victory Strategy predicts the winning team of any Ranked Game in League of Legends.

1. Prediction the winning team in a Ranked Game.
2. Providing Champion Skills, Counter picks, and basic stats.
3. Providing Item information.
4. Providing useful tips for current Ranked Game.
5. Convenient search system: search items by name and nickname.

1. At first, You should start REAL Ranked Game in LOL.
2. Choose your team color ( BLUE or Red )
3. Choose champions in this app follow the real game.
4. The champion's position is going to be designated automatic, but You can change by manual as well.
5. At any time, you can find specific champion information.
6. When you are finished selecting all player's champion, RG Manager analyzes counter champions between two teams.
7. Solo-lane(Mid or Top) or Duo-lane(Bottom), RG Manager predicts Lane-win Rate.

##Convenient User-Interface

1. The prediction can not be matched 100%.
>> Please don't be serious in result.

2. If there is any AFKs or Trolls in your game, The result is not trustable.
>> Victory Strategy assumes every players try their best in the game. So please TRY YOUR BEST!

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