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You take the role of BUSTER, the Crazy Farm Dog let loose in the Farm, with unlimited bones to collect, super powers to gain and endless Life Force to run to eternity.

Buster is on a Mission racing across the Farm in one action packed adventure.

As Buster runs he collects Bone Coins out of the air while simultaneously dodging objects.

FARM DOG ESCAPE is set at an intense pace with an incredible sense of super sonic speed, an Endless Runner, a looney challenge and multiplayer contest.

Race, Run, Jump and Rush your way through the Farm.
Collect more bones than a hungry panda and feed this playful Pup.
Brim with the confidence of a Champion and be the Farm Yard Super Hero.
Focus, tune in and race ahead. Don’t get angry, get even and contest for top spot! Join the hunt, playing with millions of other unlimited players to outrun.
Are YOU the fastest relic hunter?
Can YOU be the Champion of the Leaderboard?

Join the Vibrant Adventure with intense parkour style Abilities & fly like a bird in the Super fly power up. Enjoy fast gameplay and marvel at the Stunning Graphics, Ingenious Power-Ups and Multiple Obstacles to avoid. Hunt for every last relic of dog bones, Run to the Cool Tunes, Socially Connected, & Lots of Free Updates in your pocket! Awesome looney fun with an addictive jumpin style!
Come On, One More Run!

Whether you are a runner, a trekker, a relic hunter, an agent, an explorer, a minion, an adventurer, or just a hero who loves Adventures at danger speed - FARM DOG ESCAPE - is Your Game! Join the fever!

This ingenious, irresistible and intense challenge will be quite a contest. Spin, jumpin and outrun your friends. The intense, vibrant graphics and addictive tunes are irresistible.

Avoid disappointment and sign up for the freebies. The gameplay will have you in a spin and you will need to reflex at speed to avoid the obstacles. Arrange an intense contest between your friends on multiplayer - it’s a freebie

Spin and outrun your fellow champions, in this addictive and irresistible gameplay. You will marvel at the fast, super sonic speed and maze of obstacles. Collect bones and Upgrade to the Power Ups to avoid defeat & be the Champion.

FARM DOG ESCAPE is full to the brim of bone relics and a maze of daily challenges and weekly hunts. Complete missions and join the contest to race ahead and drive to the top of the leaderboard.

Dash, Jumpin and Spin your way across stunning 3D environments. Jump your way over and under Challenging Obstacles in this fast, intense and addictive Endless Running Game. How Far Can You Rush Ahead!


• Play and contest with millions of other Players and challenge & outrun your Friends to be the champion
• Upgrade your run, unlocking the intense and looney Power Ups in the vibrant Shop
• Complete the Missions, Daily Challenges & Weekly Hunts for Relics & race ahead
• Join other Players to race to the end and outrun your contesters
• Vibrant and Vivid HD Stunning Graphics optimized for retina resolution

FARM DOG ESCAPE - The Endless Runner, offers polished, compelling gameplay enhanced by excellent sound, vibrant tunes, temple run visual style, and easy-to- use, lightning fast controls.

Allow Notifications to receive lots of regular ‘freebies’ & bonuses!

FARM DOG ESCAPE - the Fastest Runner on the Planet!

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