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28 Period Tracker - A relationship saver
Predicted moods, fertility days and periods - all essential homework done for you. A simple, smart, discret cycle countdown to help your partner track the periods, understand what moods changes occur and when. Plan your week, holidays or romantic getaways accordingly, avoid unpleasant surprises. Used by men and women – because periods don’t discriminate.

Set it and forget it - predicted moods and periods
Set the first or last day of the menstrual cycle. Pop up notifications will alert you of mood changes. Swipe through pre-written, color-coded, witty notes. Learn how to help your partner with her mood changes, know when to leave her alone and be invisible, or when to be her rock.
Sit back and relax, smile at her like you know what you’re doing. Set it on your phone, keep track on your Android Watch. The countdown will keep the track of the period even if the app is closed. Your homework is done.

28 Period Tracker - A conversation starter
Communication with a partner is the most important part of any relationship and this app will help you do just that. Open communication leads to happy partner and successful relationship. Is your partner speaking a foreign language, crying one minute and laughing the next? So many mood changes during one cycle, month after month.

Current Mood - Color coded days in your notifications
Blue – Won’t burn your house down - feeling safe, cuddly and much better soon.
Green – Fertile days. Use protection. Feeling great, flirty, get ready to party - so much energy.
Hot pink – Don’t mess with her, anxiety, anxious, mood swings - feed her favorite foods.
Red – Prepare for armageddon - she needs to avoid people, and you. You know what’s coming next.

Irregular Cycles - This app doesn’t only run on 28 day cycle
   ●   If the monthly cycle arrives early, tap Period button and the countdown will restart back to day 1.
   ●   28 Period Tracker will pause if user’s period is late until you tap Yes-Period arrived.
   ●   To skip Ovulation notification pop up, just tap Yes-Ovulated to continue with the countdown.

DISCLAIMER: Do not use this app to prevent a pregnancy. We will not help you raise your children, we have to raise our own children. Use protection.

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