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MasterPics is a fun puzzle game where you can move, remove or rotate tiles, till the original image is complete. Play puzzle games with your kids on Android smartphones, tablets and now - Google TV.


* 3 game modes: rotate, move, move and rotate.
* 16 - 81 pieces (bigger amount of tiles are more difficult to play and the puzzle takes more time to solve).
* 3 shapes of tiles: square, vertical line, horizontal line.

Enjoy our multi-themed puzzles for kids and adults.
Choose from the following categories:
Adult mode:
State of the art (Pictures of Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, Raphael and many others.)
Play puzzle games using your own pictures from phone, Instagram photos, Facebook photos,Vkontakte photos.

Kids mode is ideal for your children. They can collect puzzles in such categories:
- Animals (bear, birds, dog, flamingo, horse)
- Transport (bicycle, car, plane, locomotive, ship)
- English alphabet
- Numbers
- Colors
- Food
- Professions

Use in game purchases and get even more beautiful puzzles.

With our puzzles you and your kid can train their brain, imagination and creativity while having fun. It makes MasterPics one of the best Android games.



You can turn on or off 'Active Help' to get little NeatBoy to give you a bit of extra-help. You can always see how the completed picture looks by tapping & holding NeatBoy (at the top-right corner of your screen).


Please, let us know your opinion and suggestions about the game in order to improve it. If you found something annoying and want us to change it, or you love something and want us to know, please do write to support@neatjoy.com.

If you are a Google+ user and you like the game, please press 1+ button. So you will help us to improve and to create more games. Thank you!!!

Happy gaming!

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