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Do you love playing with bubbles? If yes, try the new bubble shooter game Bubble Shooter
Squirrel and start enjoying the bubble bust frenzy at your fingertips. It is a simple-to-play
game with awesome dynamics that will keep adults and kids equally enticed.

Download the shoot bubble game now and help the brave squirrel to save the forest from
naughty bubbles’ attack! Bust as many as bubbles and score high!

How to play the game!
The gameplay is really simple but mastering the bubble blast for clearing each level is truly challenging!
There are different levels in this bubble shooter game, where difficulty levels get heightened gradually.
Once you clear a level, you will be promoted to play the next level. Strategic and spontaneous gameplay
make for a stimulating and satiating bubble popping experience! You have to match the bubble colors and
at least three same colored bubbles to clear the top. You need to end each level by minimum move: once done, you will get a star for your brilliant performance. Play and explore more tweaks integrated!!

App’s Features:
Before you start playing with bursting bubbles in Bubble Shooter Squirrel app, take a quick look at the app integrated features. You will be enjoying this bubble shooter game with double thrill and enticement:

* Brilliant and colorful user interface: it is really simple to navigate the bubble shooter game,
* It is a multilevel bubble burst game: presently there are 101 levels to unlock: more level will be added soon,
* You need to complete each shoot the bubble level within a stipulated number of moves: otherwise you have to play the level again,
* There are super powered bubbles as power ups,
* You can make your own strategy to master your bubble chucking,
* You have the facility to unlock boosts for added bubble bursting power at your fingertips.

Download the app Bubble Shooter Squirrel; the app is optimized for both android phone and tablet. Enjoy good luck with mastery on bubble blast and enjoy the addictive game play at its full swing!

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