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※ Introduction
- ‘LSIS Drive Sim’ provides users to change the setting and shows the result and status of the motor how it reacts.
- Users can receive full support by e-mailing service and benefit from immediate feedback from LSIS.

※ Supported functions
Only drive functions listed below are currently implemented in this version.

1. Basic Tasks
- Frequency reference source configuration for the keypad
- Motor operation display options
- Multi-step speed (frequency) configuration
- Command source configuration for keypad buttons
- Command source configuration for terminal block inputs
- Local/remote switching via the [ESC] key
- Motor rotation control
- Automatic start-up at power-on
- Automatic restart after reset of a fault trip condition
- Acc/Dec time configuration based on the Max. Frequency
- Acc/Dec time configuration based on the frequency reference
- Multi-stage Acc/Dec time configuration using the multi-function terminal
- Acc/Dec time transition speed (frequency) configuration
- Acc/Dec pattern configuration
- Acc/Dec stop command
- Linear V/F pattern operation
- Manual torque boost
- Automatic torque boost
- Accelerating start
- Deceleration stop
- Stopping by DC braking
- Free-run stop
- Power braking
- Start/maximum frequency configuration
- Upper/lower frequency limit configuration
- Frequency jump

2. Advanced Tasks
- Jog operation
- Up-down operation
- 3-wire operation
- Safety operation mode
- Dwell operation
- Slip compensation
- Auto-tuning
- Sensorless vector control
- Auto restart operation

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