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Do you Like jail breakout escape 3d games? Are driving action simulation games fun and challenging. If yes, then you will also prisoner escape plan 2017. With latest prisoner escape plan 2017, experience the challenging breakout jail survival missions that are just waiting for were waiting for 2017 new games here prisoner escape plan 2017 is the latest 2017 new game.
You are in a Jail for 15 years in the horrible Prison located outside the City for a crime you never committed. You have spent 5 years of your life in jail among criminals like gangster squad, criminal mafia, murderer, robber, thieves etc who are committing crimes in the have learn all tricks from these Miami crime scene criminals, you are now a tricky its time to breakout the jail and get some clue which proves that you are Innocent you are now strongest man.
get some planning to escaping the prison, be smart, In this impossible mission your objective is shoot to kill anyone, murder cops, soldiers,guards on duty , jail officer,armed duty police offices or trained snipers.while escaping from the cell be smart do not be aggressive , there are transport vehicles like fast police sports car and RC helicopter in the jail, detective FBI or swat team or police dog and police driver can chase you .So be smart while escaping from jail.breakout the prison and make the great escape in rush hour.

Its hard time prison break task for you to lockdown and lockup the jail from Alcatraz which is situated near the island to survive after break out.survivor mission is hard time task for you.lets break it but be aware from prison break sniper guards.They are hard time though shooter.
its time to enjoy prisoner escape plan 2017 , latest 2017 new fighting game
latest Prisoner escape plan 2017 new fighting game features

Amazing real 3d Prison Environment
Extreme action packed challenging prison break survival missions
Escape the Prison with a Master Breakout Plan
Realistic inside police jail environment with cops and criminals

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