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It’s scary Halloween Night, and Scary creepy Clown is here to spread fear in your city! Control a scary creepy clown to bonk things with his handy brutal hammer! Criminal gangster terrorize mad town with full of innocent civilians.

Choose from a funky clown costumes and different terrible clown masks. Every mask is scary and creepy to instill horror into the hearts of mad town citizens. Scare kids looking for a virtual mom, virtual dad, virtual family and sweet candy surprise!
Have fun with your costume to scare pedestrians treating trick. Remind them to keep the scary Halloween tradition! Use special attacks like combo, power kick, boxing punch, fire tire, slime pumpkin spell, leg flicks , freeze ball and crack attacks and fight to defeat your mafia city gangster in the sin mad city of Vegas criminals. Fight cops, civilians, terrified children, and other creatures of the night to become the scary clown on the block of the earth!
Enjoy the carnival-like environment and thrilling adventure mission to light up houses. The game has Extreme Physics and responsive controls that will help you to burn, smash, and attack your enemies and criminal of the street rivals in the dark night city of gangster and their squad! Unlock more mission with the completion of levels. Smash and attack vehicles, big city buildings, playgrounds, and houses for ultimate destruction to earn points and level up missions. Be careful not to get spotted and chase by police or tracked by the national guardsmen on city defense towers! Chase your enemies, rivals and use highly destructive attacks for maximum thrill.
Join the brigade of fellow terrorizing creepy clowns and the rampage about to unfold. Make terrify your neighbors to SCREAM upon sight of you.

. Make cops think twice about you before being skeptical about Halloween myths. Destroy cars and vehicles in your way with your super strength like a power full superhero like a dark knight joker.

Prepare for the clown apocalypse battle on the earth! What’s worse than flesh-eating zombies and creepy gangster!? Horror your victims-inducing clown sightings are sweeping the nation, and your dark knight city! Select your creepy clown costume--make him as terrifying as possible!

Real Scary Clown Halloween Night City Attack Games! 3d Features:
•• Multiple action and different tasks based missions
• Multiple Clown costumes to choose from
• Adventurous clown animations
• 3D dark night Halloween city environment
• Thrilling challenges and level based mission
• Realistic sounds & visual effects

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