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Rules of Survival Simulator: FPS Jungle Adventure

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Former president beloved daughter miss Lara and her next door neighbor best friend was kidnapped by some terrorist and anti-social elements.
Secret agency have hired Mr. Devil Max to rescue Miss Lara from the prison of Russian mafia terrorist gangster squad.
Mr. Devil Max you will be one out of 15 unarmed players who get air dropped into a vast, deserted island situated near the dark jungle forest. Only the last one fort-nite survives.

Hello Devil Max are you ready for jungle adventure. You are the last man for this standing stealth action mission game.
You will be dropped in the jungle through parachute or para glider. Where hungry and angry lions, dinosaur (Dino), anaconda snake and bear are waiting for the hunt.

Collect some food and royal weapons for the battle of your survival destiny.

Enter in the arena or modern war zone conquer your firing squad enemies of wild hunters clans simulator battle zone and last battle ground.

Are you ready for the fight and face to face sharp shooter adventure in this new Fps shooter game of 2018?
You are a trained army battlefield Special Forces unit commander, you are trained by tactical team and modern warfare forces.
Stanch the machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades by secret stealth’s and you will complete a secret mission in the shooting game to eliminate the evil forces for the peace of the world.

Rules of Survival Simulator: FPS Jungle Adventure is the best first person shooter that enters the game to show off your amazing shooting skills as an elite Special Forces unit by using your guns and bullets to kill and conquer your enemies, but be aware of the time.

Once you start shooting then be careful because your gunshots draw the enemy's attention and let the enemy know that us army officer send you for the rescue and survival of president daughter, prepared to destroy all enemies in the shortest amount of time before you begin to act or war as a one man army commando combat hero.

Terrorists have taken their sniper position so eliminate first prison guard sniper from the towers who are preparing for the next terrorist attack, and you have been assigned for special counter-terrorism hostage rescue mission.
It is time to hunt down terrorists and eliminate them in survival mode game.
Are you fan of free online and offline survival games .
You want to build your craft and raft if yes then this game is specially designed for you by legends storm studios.
Road to survival and stay alive in the forest is not so easy for you because you are enter in the battle ground as survival US army soldier as a shooter with mp5, put the knife edge a last survivor clans hero arena of final battle grounds in deep forest, heart of earth with speed force, the last survival battle on the earth .
Follow the rules that how to survive when survival is not possible. Day r lone survivor with bad guys on the earth.
Are you looking for best survival gun craft games, challenging survival game and for free action games for wild hunters hunger?
Save and rescue the hostage defuse the bomb and mines to complete all manual survival mission in this first person shooter game.
You have to plan a prisoner final escape plane in dark Jurassic jungle to provide a last safe shelter for the hostage in evolved survival plan of the hostage.

Kill and shoot the enemies with great courage to block the enemy convoy.

Guns: Modern Snipers MP5, K1A, M16, AWP, AK47, KRIS, AWP, WA2000, AS50, M1911.

Rules of Survival Simulator: FPS Jungle Adventure Features:
- Simple control interface
- Realistic battlefield environment in forest
- Exciting game with survival jungle adventure
- Stunning music and sound effects
- Real shooting effect
- Realistic game screen
- Different combat stance
- Beautiful map scene with unknown battle grounds on earth
- PVp combat, battle pVp, pVp shooter, pVp fighting games.

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