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Watermelon Shooter: Free Fruit Shooting Games 2018

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Do you like fruit shoot and water melon fruit shooting games? If yes then legends storm studios present for you "Watermelon Shooter: Free Fruit Shooting Games 2018" which is the new shooting game of 2018. Shoot the watermelon become a hero like a ninja watermelon shooter in this new water melon shooting game of 2018 and prove yourself that your are expert to shoot the watermelon in this latest 3d shooting new game 2018.
Are You ready to accept the Challenge to be Expert in Watermelon Target Shooting where you have to shooting the fruits ultimately, Hit the target to smash the water melon just like to be an expert in 3d bottle shooting and flying hunting adventure in the fruit shoot game .
This app have some bullet proof levels for the lover who love to play gun games for free. So shoot down bottles, pine apple and pumpkin in free 3d shooter games. Shoot the target to complete shooting adventure mission. You have a huge collection of shotgun shooting sniper, US made archery ,arrow ,bow and bullets so grip your pistol crush the fruits in this hand gun-app to be a ultimate sniper of 2018 like an arcade shooter so let’s play this top best hunter shooting game 2017 like the arcade shooter, and get your shooting fames, crush the fruit like a particle fruit apple shooter to get some smasher shooting tips .Shoot and burst the fruits and numbers to get more points.
Watermelon shooter and gun games for free to improve your focus and shooting skills level in juicy explosion. Take accurate shots to smash, brust, burst, cut and blast all the Watermelon with handguns with your grip pistols. In this gun simulator game while crushing and cutting fruits with bullets you need to stay focused on target. As a gun shooter of fruits don’t hit the wrong target in the fruit adventure skeet shooting game. Crush and flash all the moving fruits with your modern sniper shooter gun with strong pistol grip and epic aim control. As a fruit shooter ninja warrior hero you have to blast the sweet watermelon before they got crush with your crusher’s heavy machine gun.
Welcome to the deluxe dash of frenzy fruit mania enjoyment where fruit water melon are cutting with sniper bullet breaker. Crush and cut the watermelon in the farm garden and forest to be the heroes of island in watermelon fruit cutter game. Balance your target button to get evolution in water melon fruit splash mania in this epic battle of fruit shooting evolution.
Do you love to play free 3D shooting games with gun in hand?
If yes then this new watermelon shooter game is for you. Smash and shoot the watermelons with limited bullets of guns and snipers. To be the real sniper and shooter expert you need to shoot the target with gun by avoiding mines, bumps and bombs shooting. If you hit the bombs instead of watermelon your game will be over. Aim and Shoot in this watermelon shooter 3D fruit cutting app with modern and latest weapons, long range guns and shotguns.

So it’s time to take gun in your hand as an ultimate fruit shooter and hit the moving targets with your sniper bullets. Its time prove yourself as an expert shooter of fixed targets that are flying with RC helicopters, drones which are rotating. The Watermelon Shooter: Free Fruit Shooting Games 2018 is the only first person shooting game that includes all new features of modern fruit shooting adventure games. You can slice the fruits without obstacle such as bombs and shells. This 3D shooting game is also for best archer shooters who love new shooting games with arrow and archer. It is time to get one of the top fruit games free and archery new games, or fruit games free download and fruit games for girls and kids.
Features of Watermelon Shooter: Free Fruit Shooting Games 2018:
Realistic crushing and smash levels
Aim and smash the fruits
Real shooting at army training camp
Arcade and time attack mode
FPS game play with a lot of weapons
Your Accuracy will be tested in expert levels

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