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CatchUp helps you keep in touch with the people who matter.

Do you find it difficult balancing the needs of work, life, family and friends in a fast paced modern environment? Perhaps you need a friendly reminder to help you keep in contact with your clients? Don’t let important relationships suffer, install CatchUp and let us give you a friendly poke to remind you to make that call!

CatchUp lets you select Contacts, specify how often you would like to be reminded to call or message them and then relax and carry on with business as usual; If for any reason you haven't contacted someone recently, CatchUp will send you a notification to remind you to get in touch.

You can:
· Add as many contacts to your reminder list as you like! There are no limitations.
· Use our intelligently ordered list to determine who you should contact and how long it has been since you've been in contact.
· Bump into one of your friends out and about? Awesome! We put in a nifty little feature to reset your “last contacted” date so you don’t receive a reminder too soon.

CatchUp performs smoothly and with a modern, minimalist interface it's beautiful to look at as well as use. However, if you experience any bugs or would like to request a feature, we would love to hear from you. You can use the “Contact Us” feature within the app to get in touch anytime.

If you like the app (and we are sure you will) then please rate and comment, we would love to hear about how CatchUp is working for you.

NB: Currently only the English language is supported, we plan to add translations over the coming months based on popularity.

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