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Domino "7"! Block Puzzle

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Domino "7"! Block Puzzle is a simple, new addictive block puzzle game.

How to play
- Drag the given domino to an empty cell.
- Place three or more blocks with the same number next to each other to merge them into one higher number block (tap to rotate them before placing).
- "7" (Block) is the final block. Merge three "7" blocks to destroy the surrounding cells.
- The game ends when you don't have space for the given domino.

- Use "Refresh" to generate a new given domino.
- Use "Remove" to remove a block from a cell.
- Use "Undo" to revert one step.

- Simple stylish graphics.
- Good sounds.
- No screen-off or time limit.
- Games autosaved.
- Compare your score with friends and other gamers.

- Any suggestion, please mail-to ""

- This is a free game with ads support.

Thank you for playing!

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