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This application provides basic tracking and calculating capabilities. User enters their current blood sugar level, and amount of carbs (grams) that they'll be consuming, and the application will calculate your dose. The dose suggestion is provided with several rounding options, including the ability to round up to a whole or half unit, as well as round down to the nearest half or whole unit. Users can also specify their Carb Ration and Correction Factors.

One unique feature of the application is to provide the math used in the calculation of your dose.

Every time you use the application, it saves the calculated value to a log. The log will display the last 100 entries, providing you with a basic overview of your glucose levels throughout the day.

I wrote this application for my son, who has type-1 diabetes. If you find it of value, please feel free to use it. I welcome user feedback for future enhancements and revisions.

If you like this application, please rate it, and give me some feedback, so I can improve it.

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