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About FlashInvaders

FlashInvaders is the official app from the artist Invader.
Track down his street mosaics, "flash" them, score points and compete with other players.

- Page for account management. Click on the character on the upper left of the Flash page to access it.
- Allows user to edit their name.
- Allows users to link their account to an email address.
- User can choose whether their player name should appear or not on the Live page
- Email based recovery process : get your points & gallery back if you change phone.

- Efficient gallery scrolling : click on each city separately to see its content
- The Space Invaders are listed by name or by flash date.
- Date of installation of the space invaders.
- Total number of space invaders in each city.
- Allows gallery repopulation from the server and therefore to get the up-to-date pictures.
- Allows to access Live mode from the gallery page to display successfully flashed space invaders all around the world.

- Addition of a player search function added - find a specific player to see his/her score and rank on the leaderboard. Click on the name to start following the player. The names turn in yellow. Click again to unfollow.

A reality game by INVADER http://www.space-invaders.com/flashinvaders

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