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Is it a bird? Is it an airplane?! No! It's the Kawaki!

And he brought some of his best friends to jump, rotate and fly around the colorful Kawaki World.


Choose the Critter-, Speedy- or Lucky-Kawaki to collect as much raindrops as you can in 60 seconds. Beat your friends in the integrated online highscore. Level up to get new talent points to boost your Kawakis skill and score bonus. Collect suns to activate some mighty boosts for the ultimate highscore! Design your own Kawaki and train him into three different skill types for speed, critical hits and luck. Speed lets the Kawaki move fast around the world. Critical hits can double your score. Luck has influence in every part of the game like the color of raindrops or the frequency of suns and big, blue bubbles which contain lots of smaller bubbles to collect. What do you prefer? Will you find the right mix of skills to beat the best Kawaki players in the world?

✿ Kawaki World is the follower of the hundred of thousand times downloaded Kawaki!
✿ Fill the Speed-Flower to reach the cloudburst mode
✿ Get style points by making cool rotation moves or collect same colored raindrops in a row
✿ Ultra realistic physics created with Box2D
✿ Cute graphics, flowers and rainbows!
✿ 3 types of Kawakis
✿ Random generated parallax levels
✿ Fast and addictive gameplay
✿ Bubbles are yummi like fruits!
✿ Bonus features like the Sun Doubler or the White Kawaki in the Sun Store
✿ Train your reflexes - practice makes perfect
✿ Learn to play in a quick interactive tutorial

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